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Titanium Print Solutions offers a fully trained IT Department. We are able to handle all situations of networking issues that may arise. We are able to install your computer on company or home network. We can also configure your HP Multifunction printer for desktop scanning, email scanning,and / or Fax to mail scanning. Call our IT Department at (888) 380-8847

Instructions for Installing Printer on Network (Peer to Peer)

Note: You may need to print the Printer Configuration page to have the printers IP Address and Printer name to help with the install

1. From the Start menu, select Printers and Faxes.

2. On the left side of the window, in the Printer Tasks section, click on the link for Add a Printer.

hp printer repair peer to peer printing

3. In the Add Printer Wizard window, click Next.

4. In the Local or Network Printer window, select Local Printer. Un-check Automatic detect and install my plug and play printer. Click Next.

5. In the Select a Printer Port window, click on the drop down menu next to Use the following port. If your printer queue is listed, select it and click Next. If it is not listed in the menu, choose Create a new port. From the Type of port list, select Standard TCP/IP Port. Click Next.
hp laserjt printer peer to peer printing

6. In the Add Standard TCP/IP Printer Port Wizard window, click Next.
8. In Port Name enter a unique name describing printer port and then click next.

hp printer repair center

9. Click Finish.
Note: It may take a few moments before the next window appears.

10. From the Manufacturers list, select HP. From the Printers list, select the model number of your printer, followed  by the designation "PCL5, PCL6 "PostScript"If your printer model is not listed, Download driver to desktop and press have disk.

Download Drivers - hp repair center

11. If you are asked whether you want to keep an existing driver, select Replace existing driver, then click Next.

12. In the Printer name field, type the printer's name, model name, location. If this is the printer you will be using most often, select Yes to use this printer as your default printer; otherwise, select No. Click Next.

hp laserjet printer repair

13. If you are asked whether you wish to share the printer, select Do not share this printer. Click Next.

14. When you are asked whether to print a test page, select No. Click Next.

15. Click Finish.

16. You may have to wait a few seconds for the Add Printer Wizard window to disappear and it may appear frozen.
Note:If you receive a message that a Microsoft digital signature was not found, click Yes to continue the installation.

Note: To check if the printer is working correctly, go to Start > Printers and Faxes. Right-click on the newly created printer, select Properties and then click on the button for Print Test Page

printer jamming


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