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Instructions for Troubleshoot 13.20 Paper Jam Errors - HP LaserJet 4200, 4300, 4240, 4250, 4350, P4010,  P4014, P4015 and 4510 Series Printers

A 13.20 error can occur on power up when the printer believes paper is stuck in the paper path. This error can appears if paper is stuck in the path holding down the paper path sensors. The error may also occur if one of the sensor lever is stuck in a down position.

NOTE: A sensor lever is a flag that moves as the paper passes and blocks or unblocks the actual optical sensor.

This can also be a incorrect jam, in some cases no paper is found in the paper path; but the error condition is caused by a stuck sensor lever or in some cases a faulty sensor.

NOTE: At initial power on, if the printer fails to spin the printer motors then focus your attention on the fuser area of printer. If you do get main motor spinning, then focus needs to be on the top of page and pre-feed sensors.

13.20 Troubleshooting Instructions
Examine the paper path for a stuck piece of paper or impediment. Sometimes paper will jam and part of the page may rip off and be left within the printer.

Instructions for Troubleshoot 13.20 Paper Jam Errors - HP LaserJet 4200, 4300, 4240, 4250, 4350, P4010, P4014, P4015 and 4510 Series Printers
Find the pre-feed sensor and look for a document jam. Open the top lid / cover, remove print cartridge, pull out the plastic block (with #4 on it), press down on the part with the No.5 on it, this opens up the paper path so you can see the path that paper takes when coming
from the lower trays (See Fig's 1 and 2). Look down into the paper path. The flag for pre-feed sensor is off center to the left (See Fig. 3).  Paper will often tear away and be stuck in this area, look for small pieces of paper.

Fig. 1: Detail showing location of removable plastic pcs #4 and push down plastic piece No.5
13.20 paper jamFig. 2 Lever Flag location
paper jam

Fig 3: Detail showing where the location of pre-feed sensor lever
paper jam

See if the pre-feed sensor lever is moving properly. To do this, you can “Thread" the paper path with a folded up sheet of paper to see if the lever moves freely.

Remove tray 2. Take a piece of 11 x 81/2 sized paper and fold it in half lengthwise two times. Push the paper up from underneath in between the 2 white paper guides (See Fig. 4 and 5). Make sure you have removed the plastic block (with #4 on it) and are pushing down on the #5. If done right you can usually see the pre feed sensor lever move when pushing paper up through the path. What to lookout for is to make sure the sensor lever is not stuck, moves freely and snaps right back.

Fig 4: Detail showing “Threading" of the paper path to see if pre-feed sensor lever is moving correctly.

hp printer
Fig/ 5: Detail showing “Threading" of the paper path. Check to see that pre-feed sensor lever is moving and snapping back in place

Find the top of page sensor and see if it is moving without obstruction. Open the top cover and take out the print cartridge. Lift up on the green lever attached to the black metal plate. This allows us to view the paper width sensor(s) and the registration assembly (See Fig 6). Pull back on the registration plate; this is the chrome metal piece with four black plastic knobs on it. The sensor flag for the top of page sensor is in the middle and almost directly under the registration roller. The sensor flag is difficult to see as it is directly in the middle underneath the white plastic rollers. Make sure this flag is moving and snaps back.

Find the paper width sensor and make sure it is moving freely. The flag for the paper width sensor is to the left under the same black metal plate as above (See Fig 6). Make sure this sensor flag moves freely and snaps back.(See Figure 6).

NOTE: On the LaserJet 4240, 4250, and 4350 printers there is an additional width sensor on the right side, make
sure this sensor flag is moving as well. The LaserJet 4200/4300 printers do not have a right paper width sensor.

Fig 6: Detail showing location of top of page sensor Lever, left width sensor lever, and right width
sensor lever.

    1.  Left Width Sensor

Top of Page Sensor

      3.  Right Width Sensor lever

Find the fuser sensor and check for paper jams or possible torn small piece of paper stuck in the fuser. Remove the 
rear door; remove the fuser by grasping the blue clips and pulling back.

Open the back of the fuser and inspect the sensor flag in the fuser, make sure it also moves and snaps back (See Figure 7).

Fig 7: Detail showing the location of the fuser delivery sensor lever.

CAUTION: The fuser may be very hot, handle with care or let cool down before handling.

If a problem is found with the pre-feed sensor lever getting stuck or not snapping back, please contact Titanium Print Solutions for assistance (888) 380-884

If the top of page sensor lever is getting stuck or not snapping back it, please contact Titanium Print Solutiosn Support at1-888-380-8847 for technical assistance.

If a problem is found with the fuser lever getting stuck or not snapping back, replace the fuser, contact Titanium Print Solutions at (888) 380-8847 for assistance.

If all sensors levers seem to be moving freely and no cause can be found to attribute to the 13.20 error, please contact


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